— Best protection against bots, packet hacks, clickers, exploits for Lineage 2, Aion (l2ph, Adrenaline, L2 Helper, L2Tower, L2Helper, Cheat engine, Art money, speedhacks etc.).

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Protection against all
kind of bots, cheats and exploits

Including newest



Against all kinds of attacks


Additional functions:

Protect your game files against modification by hash.

  1. Do i need to change code of my gameserver?

    No! Our protection utilizes non-invasive methods! You don't need to change your code!

  2. What OS are supported?

    For client(player) - all Windows
    For server - Windows/Linux

  1. What game modification should i make to make AA work??

    All you need is to replace main .exe file with our's and everything will work. After installation, no players will be able to play without Active Anticheat

June 2, 2024

Active Anticheat
1700 version

Active Anticheat was updated:

  • Improving protection against bots

  • Updating our kernel driver

  • Plugins update

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